About Us

Our restaurant which is in the most attractive area of the Zanzibar island; the Nungwi Beach, is situated on a rock at the most extreme point where you will feel like you are in the sea. With its menu consisting of Turkish, Italian, Greek and Mediterranean appetizers, pastries and seafood, it is the ‘must go’ atmosphere to have a delicious, hygienic and romantic dinner or a quick tasty lunch. We have an open kitchen, where our guests who wish to visit can do so or watch it from the screens located in different parts of the restaurant.
Why us;
We never use frozen Seafood
All the vegetables are bought fresh and washed with drinking water
If we do not have one of the dishes that means we couldn’t find the fresh products
Tasting foods and treats are an unchangeable part of the Turkish culture
We are a bridge between Zanzibar and Mediterranean
We share our experience with our local workers and work like a family
You can enjoy the music, drinks and the aquarium-like bay once a week with the Istanbul Night Party.
Hygienic Kitchen, Fast Service, Right Price